Bricks Design Set 2.0 is currently under development. We are implementing the core framework in Bricks Design Set 2.0.

Bricks Design Set templates

The Blueprint Framework for Every Project. You don't need any plugins to utilize this framework, yet you'll have the power of fluid fonts, fluid spacing, and a color generator at your fingertips on our website.

Bricks Design Set templates stand out from the rest as we don’t rely on bloated plugins.

Quick Setup

Simply copy the variables from the generators into your child theme, import the Bricks color .json, and import the basic class template — that's it!

Font & Space Generators

Keep your website consistent by using variables for your colors, fonts, and spacing.

Mobile Responsive

As most of our spacing is fluid, we minimize the use of mobile breakpoints, making our templates easy to understand.


While most rely on plugins, we don’t use any. This means you’ll never have to deal with bugs, and our solution is lightning-fast.


We employ a few standard class names, and the rest you can add as you wish for total control.

Full Support

Support is available in our specially created Facebook group, where you can ask questions and receive assistance

Main Color

Light 10-50

Dark 10-50

Transparant 10-90:

Transform your website's colors 

Our color generator uses a primary color from which it derives 5 lighter shades, 5 darker shades, and 9 transparent colors. These can be further customized with our generators. Now, you have more than enough color variations to tailor your web design to your own style. The color generator provides variables that you can place in your child theme and use in the Bricks builder. This way, you avoid plugins while still enjoying complete color freedom.

Change me! 🤩

Go to the color generator

Color generator

Fluid font to the MAX

With our Font Generator, you can fine-tune your fonts in detail. We offer no less than 11 font sizes, each of which you can adjust individually. This is one of the few generators that allows for such individual customization, giving you complete control over each font size. Use the min-width and max-width for the screen resolution you want to apply. These variables can also be incorporated into your child theme and used in your Bricks Builder.

Min width (px)Min Font (rem)Max Width (px)Max Font (rem)

Full control! 🤩

Fluid Font

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer nec odio. Praesent libero uctus non, massa.


Fluid spacing

With our spacing generator, you can quickly create variables for use in Bricks Builder, ensuring your web design remains consistent. You won’t need to use different sizes for all breakpoints because our spacing is completely fluid. We offer as many as 11 standard sizes that you can adjust individually. This makes website creation much easier, providing a quick start for any web project. By using our variables, you keep your web design consistent on every page.

TagMin width (rem)Min space (rem)Max width (rem)Max space (rem)
Fluid spacing

Wow! 🤩

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Will Bricks Design Set always remain free?

es, Bricks Design Set will always remain free. There might be paid templates added in the future, but there are no concrete plans for that yet. You can always use Bricks Design Set for free!

Why you use core framework plugin?

A core framework represents an additional plugin, which I find unnecessary for managing your variables. It's just an extra plugin to store variables, and if the core framework is no longer supported, there's a risk that your website may not function properly.

Bricks Design Set isn't working for me, what should I do?

If you’re encountering issues, I recommend reaching out in our Facebook group. If the templates aren't functioning correctly, you can also report this there so I can make necessary adjustments.

Will there be an ACSS or CSS variant of the templates?

Currently, I am creating templates using the Bricks Design Set variables from the generator. At this moment, it is not my intention to create multiple template variants from different frameworks.

Does Bricks Design Set work with Advanced Themer?

Although I use Advanced Themer myself, I don't utilize its variables in the Bricks Design Set. If you use colors and variables from Advanced Themer, you might need to manually adjust these in the templates.

Can I upload templates?

Unfortunately, you can no longer upload templates. I encountered issues because many templates were built differently, requiring significant adjustments on my part. If you do have an idea, you can share it in our Facebook group so I can take a look, but I can’t guarantee that I will make the changes.